Medical Decision Network (MDN) has engaged the services of Prescient Healthcare Consulting (“Prescient”) to update existing predictive models in MDN’s ICUTracker, as well as create new models for additional critical care outcomes. ICUTracker serves as a decision support system platform for ICUs,  helping them to improve overall quality and care. More information on MDN’s ICUTracker can be found here.

Prescient’s President, Dr. Andrew Kramer, sees MDN as a perfect fit for what Prescient offers. “Predictive models need to be monitored and updated periodically, especially models involving critical care. Prescient is unique in being able to help MDN achieve that goal.”

Dr. Kramer’s initial work will focus on updating ICUTracker’s predictive models, work that is essential according to Dr. Stanley A. Nasraway, Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

“Any kind of model needs to be re-calibrated from time to time,” states Nasraway. “Having access to Andrew, with his vast experience in this area, and PHC, will ensure that MDN and their ICU Tracker users will have the most up to date, accurate models when it comes to predicting ICU length of stay and ICU mortality, both extremely important clinical metrics for my team here at Tufts,” he adds.

More information about Medical Decision Network and its relationship with Prescient can be found on MDN’s website.