adqiBanff, Alberta in Canada is known for its splendid beauty – in early September 2015 this idyllic location served as the site for the Acute Dialysis Quality Initative (ADQI) Consensus Conference on “Acute Kidney Injury in the Era of Big Data”. Prescient’s Dr. Kramer participated in this conference, focusing on predictive analytics and forecasting applications for acute kidney injury (AKI) from information found in electronic medical records systems.

Leading researchers in the field of acute kidney injury and medical informatics met to develop a consensus on evidence care gaps, establish a research agenda, and prepare a draft of a manuscript describing these findings.Dr. Kramer was in the group charged with establishing a fairly detailed guide for creating predictive models of KDIGO stage 2/3 AKI. More information is forthcoming in a future post, so stay tuned!

The AQDI is a non-profit, member run organization whose intent is to “provide an objective, dispassionate distillation of the literature and description of the current state of practice of diagnosis and management of acute kidney injury as well as other conditions in which dialysis and related therapies are applied to acutely ill patients.” ADQI is an international, interdisciplinary organization with over 150 members from leading universities around the world.  They seek to improve the care of patients with acute kidney injury, cardiorenal syndrome, hepatorenal syndrome, sepsis and poisoning through evidenced-based medicine and are setting new standards for diagnosis and management of acute kidney injury and related disorders.