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*** NEW *** Embed rules and alerts for patient deterioration into your EMR system

Wouldn’t it be great if your electronic medical records system had alerts with a high sensitivity and a low percentage of false negatives? Our patent pending algorithms continuously monitor physiologic changes and apply them against a set of rules that you can use to decrease unforeseen patient deterioration.

Use severity adjustment to gauge how well your institution is doing.

Prescient creates predictive models that severity-adjust for patient case-mix. These predictions can be compared versus actual outcomes to give an equitable assessment of your institution’s performance. In fact, our previously developed predictive models are in worldwide use.

But can we deploy these models?

All of our solutions can be embedded within a hospital’s decision support system to deliver real-time updates on a patient’s severity of illness, as well as enable retrospective analysis for quality improvement initiatives. Prescient provides professional services in support of its solutions and consults on research projects. Most importantly, we deliver the models to your engineers in pseudocode that can easily be incorporated into your decision support system’s engine.

Consulting and Professional Services

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been dinged by CMS for outcomes deemed inferior to their standards. Or how about this – outcomes at your institution have been getting worse and you can’t figure out why. In both instances Prescient’s substantial background in comparative analysis and benchmarking enables us to take a deep dive into the dilemmas facing your healthcare organization.

Prescient has developed an analytical approach based on a successful set of processes in the healthcare world. Whether it’s using our proprietary methods for early detection of patient decline, finding the vulnerable sub-populations within your hospital, or providing insight on the factors driving outcomes at your site, Prescient can help you address the challenges facing healthcare today.

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